As the viagra prescription online Access Economy landscapes continue to evolve, the two Access Economy industries standing above the rest are online food delivery and transportation. These industries are looking to be worth $210 billion and $100 billion, respectively, by 2020. But we are also seeing a new cash-cow emerge, digital logistics. It is expected to be worth almost $13 billion by 2020. Current major players include Advantech, DigiLogistics, Hexaware, IBM, JDA Software, Oracle, SAP, Tech Mahindra, and UTI Worldwide. They are building their futures around warehouse, transportation, and labor management buy propecia 5mg technology.

Fleet Management Tech

Nestled within this digital logistics revolution is fleet management, and it is poised to be a massive success. Using GPS to find, build, and disperse your fleet of trucks, dump trucks, construction equipment, or other levitra show pill large vehicles will maximize the efficiency of a temporary fleet. And it will greatly simplify the hassle of regulations and paperwork involved with rented, subcontracted, leased, and employee-owned vehicles. As the digital logistics industries continue to grow and innovate, Meta Construction Technologies is at the forefront of connected fleet management technology.

A Fleet Manager’s Best Friend

Fleet managers have a difficult and pivotal role. These individuals are responsible for selecting the best vehicles, keeping extensive vehicle records, maintaining vehicles, navigating regulations, and managing contractors, all while ensuring that costs stay as low as possible. With BroadLoop, fleet managers now have access to information about their entire fleet, including the subhaulers.

We specialize in giving asphalt contractors control over their virtual fleet of dump trucks. Come see how BroadLoop can lower your trucking costs today.

Managing construction projects is hard work

Managing your virtual fleet is simple