Your competitive edge - efficiency

Drive down costs

Operating a fleet is expensive. Using a 3rd party fleet is expensive. Either way, using the fleet efficiently is critical to protect job profitability from costs related to scheduling, dispatching, assigning work, monitoring driver performance and reconciling timesheets/tickets with actual drive time.

Increase Capacity

Real-time fleet visbility helps shine a spotlight on bottlenecks, delays, increasing idle times, and other anomolies. Reallocating a truck from one job to another helps get more out of the same fleet without increasing the costs at all.

Admin automation

Spend less time transcribing hand-written timesheets and crumpled plant tickets to get billing and payroll done in time. BroadLoop easily breaks down time spent on each job, total time out of the yard, and other various slices that cut out the time and error-prone data entry process.

Managing construction projects is hard work

Managing your virtual fleet is simple