Check out some of the ways we help material producers operate more efficiently

Resource planning, order entry and scheduling for your fleet needs. Everyone is on the same page including drivers, subcontractors, customers and crew.
Fleet View
View your entire virtual fleet in real-time or look back at past routes. Identify bottlenecks, resolve disputes and optimize routes.
Communicate consistently with everyone in the supply chain. Send SMS text messages, push notifications and/or emails. Let drivers confirm their dispatch for two-way acknowledgement.
Setup geofences for common destinations to see when drivers enter and exit, plus how long they stay. Even receive notifications when these events occur to trigger real-time responses.
Why go paperless?
Reduce costs. Turn trucks faster. Comply with State DOT specs.

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"The ability to manage trucks differently, track materials and improve efficiency is very exciting."

- Roscoe Willis, Hall Contracting

Managing construction projects is hard work

Managing your virtual fleet is simple