Benefits of E-Ticket

Plant Capacity

See in real-time how much material is leaving the plant. Watching tonnage numbers throughout the day gives site superintendents and foreman a better gauge on the daily speed/pace of the plant.

Job Loads
Keep your foreman in the loop regarding how many tons have been loaded for their job. Tie this together with current location of their trucks so they can make better decisions when cutting off trucks for the day.
DOT Compliance
More jobs across the country are requiring e-Ticket HMA solutions for tracking load info (quantity, mix design, etc...), truck location info and more. We've got you covered!
No Contact
Stay safe by preventing exposure to viruses like COVID-19. The plant operators, drivers, ticket takers and back-office admin are all at risk when handling paper tickets manually.
Load & Go
Instead of waiting for tickets at the plant, get the trucks off the scales and on the road more quickly. e-Tickets help streamline the load out process!
See the temperature at load time, elapsed time between load/unload, exact location where the load was dumped into the paver and many other critical details.

Loadout Software Integration

Managing construction projects is hard work

Managing your virtual fleet is simple