The Future of Truck Autonomy

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Truck Autonomy With the world’s leading tech and transportation companies battling for the cutting edge in autonomous vehicles, the future looks bright for a wide range of self-driving cars and trucks. After autonomous vehicles make the eventual transition to roadways, the construction industry seems like a natural next choice for this powerful technology. Due to […]

Meta Construction Technologies, LLC - Max Kommor and Nick McRae - Venture Connectors Pitch

January 2017 Venture Connectors 5 Minute Presentation

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Meta Construction Technologies, LLC started off the New Year strong. We gave a 5-minute presentation at the Venture Connectors January luncheon at the Muhammad Ali Center. The Venture Connectors is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization.  It was originally formed in 1995 to bring entrepreneurs and investors together in a professional but relaxed forum. Business First Article On Tuesday, […]

The Autonomous Arms Race

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In a vision of the future once reserved for science fiction, cartoons, and James Bond, the reality of the autonomous vehicle approaches faster than ever.  Since Uber and Alphabet have both decided that self-driving vehicles are a certainty of next-gen travel, they have been neck and neck in the race to build, test, and market […]

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services

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When selecting a cloud hosting and web services platform, we had to choose between the 2 dominant players in this space: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. I recognize that this comparison chart comes from Microsoft and may have it’s bias’, but see here for the list of services side-by-side. Ultimately, neither have serious barriers […]