Revolutionizing Subhauler Trucking Costs

In the complex world of construction, managing multiple subhaulers often translates to drowning in paperwork—invoices, paper tickets, timesheets—a bureaucratic maze that demands considerable administrative effort. BroadLoop recognizes this challenge and presents a transformative solution through its innovative Shift Management for subhaulers. Let's explore how this feature reshapes the landscape of trucking cost management: The Administrative […]

Empowering Construction Contractors: The Crucial Role of Flexible Field Dispatching

In the dynamic world of construction, adaptability is key. Projects evolve, conditions change, and unforeseen challenges arise. That's where a reliable dispatching provider comes in. At BroadLoop, we recognize the critical importance of offering flexibility to construction contractors, especially in the realm of field dispatching. In this article, we delve into why this flexibility is […]

Nick McRae Honored as Rising Star in Entrepreneurship Excellence

Rising Star in Entrepreneurship - Excellence Award The 2023 Family Business Awards and Excellence Awards ceremony, hosted by the esteemed University of Louisville Business School, was a grand celebration of entrepreneurial excellence and innovation. Among the accomplished individuals recognized at this prestigious event, Nick McRae, the visionary CEO and Founder of BroadLoop, stood out as […]

Hall Contracting Revolutionizes Kentucky Roadways with BroadLoop Technology

In the ever-evolving world of construction and infrastructure development, technological advancements have become a game-changer, enabling companies to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver superior results. Hall Contracting, a renowned construction firm based in Kentucky, has recently taken a leap forward by adopting the latest technological solution, BroadLoop, to revolutionize their road construction projects. In […]

Venture Connectors Featured Startup

BroadLoop was invited to present as the featured startup for the Venture Connectors January meeting hosted at the beautiful Muhammed Ali Center in Louisville, KY.  Venture connectors was originally formed in 1995 to bring entrepreneurs and investors together in a professional but relaxed forum. After pouring so much energy into the Techstars Accelerator for 3 […]

TDOT Approves BroadLoop as a Qualified E-Ticketing Software Product

NASHVILLE, TN, April 15, 2021 — Following a review by the TDOT E-Ticketing Committee, BroadLoop was approved as a Qualified E-Ticketing Software Product based on its ability to meet all automated delivery requirements as stipulated in the Special Provision 109ETAS. BroadLoop began processing E-Tickets for i-MoveKy, the largest state-funded project in Kentucky, in May 2020. In response to […]

Managing construction projects is hard work

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