NASHVILLE, TN, April 15, 2021 — Following a review by the TDOT E-Ticketing Committee, BroadLoop was approved as a Qualified E-Ticketing Software Product based on its ability to meet all automated delivery requirements as stipulated in the Special Provision 109ETAS.

BroadLoop began processing E-Tickets for i-MoveKy, the largest state-funded project in Kentucky, in May 2020. In response to the pandemic and increasing need for social distancing, E-Ticketing was made available to all of customers to combat the spread of COVID-19. Between the EDC-6 E-Ticketing initiative and the rapidly changing landscape in the field, BroadLoop incorporated customer feedback to meet specifications, drive efficiency and safely connect everyone around the critical operational data.

“The benefits of E-Ticketing stretch far beyond compliance with a DOT provision or special note.” said Nick McRae, Co-founder & CEO of BroadLoop. “Embracing digital transformation in construction has proven to be a competitive advantage for road builders searching for innovative ways to control costs, increase job profitability and shine a spotlight on key performance metrics. The ability to easily and securely share data internally and/or with customers and the DOT opens up some very interesting time/cost savings as well. We consider DOT compliance to be a simple by-product of an efficient, technology-backed operation.”

E-Ticketing is foundational to the BroadLoop platform and available as part of the core platform. Call 502-501-5023 or schedule a demo at to learn more.

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