Uberization and the Access Economy: Part 2

Success and Adaptation In part 1 we looked at Uber’s influence in shaping the Access Economy, as well as the difficulties that many are facing while trying to replicate Uber’s success. Why are so many facing these difficulties? It largely involves oversaturated markets and artificially lowered prices made possible by the investor money bump. With …

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The Future of Truck Autonomy

Truck Autonomy With the world’s leading tech and transportation companies battling for the cutting edge in autonomous vehicles, the future looks bright for a wide range of self-driving cars and trucks. After autonomous vehicles make the eventual transition to roadways, the construction industry seems like a natural next choice for this powerful technology. Due to …

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The Autonomous Arms Race

In a vision of the future once reserved for science fiction, cartoons, and James Bond, the reality of the autonomous vehicle approaches faster than ever.  Since Uber and Alphabet have both decided that self-driving vehicles are a certainty of next-gen travel, they have been neck and neck in the race to build, test, and market …

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