Maybe your state is making Electronic Ticketing (E-Ticketing) shop levitra a standard specification. Or maybe you're just ready to streamline your operation with access to realtime data and ditch the printers. Either way, one idea you might consider is to use smartphone cameras or scanners to capture a digital version of the paper tickets.


  • available technology
    • 92% of the construction industry uses a smartphone daily for work*
    • your existing cloud storage solutions might be capable of storing large quantities of digital tickets
  • quick implementation
    • snapping pics or scanning tickets doesn't require much training or changes to processes
    • could get started right away with little delays
  • lower cost
    • little to no upfront cost necessary to get started
    • may not incur any additional expenses for data storage

2020 Construction Technology Report by JB Knowledge


  • requires image processing
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is required to automate tasks (data entry, reconciling invoices, billing for loads, etc...)
    • OCR offsets all of the Pros above regarding access to technology, speed of implementation and cost
  • impractical workflow
    • can be time-consuming to snap high quality images from the field in low light or various weather conditions
    • interpreting hand-written driver tickets will always be unreliable and require the attention of admin staff for accuracy
  • not paperless
    • taking a picture of a paper ticket means you still have paper tickets (along with the cost of paper, toner, etc...)
    • unless the first person to touch the printed ticket takes a picture, all the benefits of social distancing and limiting contact are gone
  • real time data access
    • extracting data from the image via OCR means that data can be shared, but only once it's available
    • to achieve near-real time access, the plant operator or driver would need to take the picture right away
BroadLoop's e-Ticket solution is connected to the loadout software at the plant which means the load ticket data is accessible immediately whether a ticket is printed or not. Drivers can sign in/out on our mobile app and/or the foreman can easily manage this from a tablet. No matter when/where you are, you can always get a realtime view of your job(s) and optimize your cycles at the same time.

Let us show you how we can drive down the cost to operate your virtual fleet with our e-Ticketing solution.

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