The Department of Transportation recently announced their support for e-Ticketing in the 6th round of its Every Day how to get levitra sample Counts (EDC-6) program. And it's no surprise that COVID-19 has accelerated their desire to require electronic tickets on state-funded projects due to the extra contact involved with handling paper tickets.

But e-Ticketing is not just good for the DOT...
e-Ticketing is good for asphalt contractors!


What the DOT wants

The HMA e-Ticket Specifications provide an opportunity for the DOT to collect data faster and more accurately. Ultimately, all scale ticket data gets entered diet with levitra into the DOT construction management software (ex. AASHTOWare Project). The DOT is simply wants the contractor to provide the same data they are providing on the paper tickets in an electronic format. This speeds things up, saves them money and eliminates data-entry errors.

Why is e-Ticketing levitra online in canada good for you?

You get all the same benefits the DOT gets, plus MUCH more! For an asphalt contractor, that looks like

  • better performance
    • faster cycle times without stopping to collect tickets
    • real-time alerts in the field about long ETA, load temperature variances, etc...
  • faster processing
    • no time spent on data entry (and no data entry errors)
    • invoice customers more quickly
  • cost savings
    • store/retrieve digital tickets instead of digging through file cabinets
    • less cost for printers, paper, ink, etc...


There are MANY reasons e-Ticketing is good for asphalt contractors. Reach out to learn more about how we can help you drive down the cost to operate your virtual fleet with our e-Ticketing solution.

Managing construction projects is hard work

Managing your virtual fleet is simple