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I-Move Kentucky is a $180 million investment that will widen and improve interstates and revamp congested interchanges to improve safety along Interstate 265 (Gene Snyder Freeway), Interstate 71 and Interstate 64. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet requires HMA eTickets for this project and Hall Contracting selected BroadLoop for compliance with these specifications.

E-Tickets show up inside BroadLoop as soon as the truck leaves the scales so cheapest uk viagra inspectors and foreman are able to see important info much earlier such as tonnage-in-transit, load temperatures and more. Cost savings are immediate as a result of optimized cycle times and more accurate driver start/stop times.

BroadLoop E-Ticketing TaskforceWe are members of the E-Ticketing Taskforce and are helping drive this critical new technology to help contractors optimize their field operations via logistics and transportation efficiencies.

Tracking Devices

We have many options making it easy to track your assets, equipment, vehicles - even your personnel & subcontractors.

Mobile App
iOS and Android
Asset Tracker
5+ yr battery
Portable Tracker
LiOn Battery
Light-duty Vehicles
Read engine codes
Yellow Iron & Heavy Duty
Read engine codes
Road & Driver Facing
CAT VisionLink
OEM Telematics
Temp Sensors
Fixed and Mobile

Daily Performance Dashboard

  1. See all of your jobs from a 30k' view in realtime
  2. Let BroadLoop call your attention to abnormalities
  3. Drill in to various components of your operation to find opportunities for improvement



  1. Send dispatch orders to internal employees or subcontractors (or both).
  2. The Dispatch Dashboard lets you see daily demand and capacity to make sure your crews/drivers are scheduled correctly.
  3. Attach documents & notes so your drivers see them from the mobile app.
  4. Send Email, SMS/Text and Push Notifications to your drivers and subs with dispatch details
  5. The Directory allows you to send dispatch requests to other companies that use BroadLoop.


  1. See your vehicles/drivers/subs on the map in real-time
  2. Drop pins or draw shapes to make geofences for particular locations you want to monitor
  3. Click on a vehicle to see more info (speed, heading, contact info, job assignment, etc...)
  4. Enter an address to identify the closest vehicle to your location


Job Summary Report
If you're using the Dispatch feature, this report helps with invoicing so you know how long your drivers were working on a job.
Cycle Time Report
This report helps identify trends across drivers who are visiting the same destinations. Easily see travel vs. idle time, amount of time spent inside of geofences, etc...
Driver Trail Report
Easily look back at the location of your drivers/vehicle to see when/where they were, how long they stayed at locations, how fast they were traveling, etc...


We have already integrated with many systems that you may use, but we can connect to most systems to pull data into BroadLoop to cut down on data entry and drive more value by seeing everything in one spot. We also can feed data back into your internal systems giving you full control to produce custom reports for the enterprise.
Some integrations we've completed include:
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Managing construction projects is hard work

Managing your virtual fleet is simple