Whether you own 100+ trucks or zero, stay on top of your fleet with BroadLoop!

Construction Fleet Management Software for your virtual fleet!

Work Smarter

Monitor your virtual fleet in real-time and move trucks between jobs efficiently.

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Work Safer

Spend less time standing next to busy roads waiting for inbound materials.

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Work Together

Drivers, dispatchers, foremen, plant operators - on the same page.

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Work Paperless

eTickets mean less contact with paper, less admin work and faster access to data.

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to BroadLoop.

Download our free app to use as a GPS tracker or simply view dispatch orders (or both!).
Use your own corporate phones or have your employees/subs use theirs.
Already have GPS?

Some customers have switched to BroadLoop because we specialize in construction fleet management & logistics.

Others keep using their GPS and use BroadLoop to fill in the visibility and control gaps for the rest of their virtual fleet (subhaulers, small tools, other assets, etc...).


Looking for GPS?
  • Portable GPS for your subs!
  • Plug in telematics for your fleet
  • Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) telematics + in-cab tablet for your drivers


Get truck numbers from your subs right away.
See your entire list of drivers, subs, and jobs in one screen.
Progress bars visually confirm all jobs have drivers assigned.
Consistent and effective communication
email, text and push notifications with one click.
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Real-time View

Quickly find the nearest driver
Spot bottlenecks at a glance
Stay in control of your virtual fleet
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Get a gauge on driver performance
Monitor cycle times for anomalies
Bid confidently on future jobs based on your own historical data
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Managing construction projects is hard work...
Managing your virtual fleet is simple.

Construction Fleet Management Software

Managing construction projects is hard work

Managing your virtual fleet is simple