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3 years ago

Issue sending notifications after using Dispatch Copy

3 years ago

Manage driver/truck assignments on dispatch screen

3 years ago

Easier management for geofence notifications


Displaying subhauler assignments on the Daily Driver Assignment even if they truck has not been assigned


Changed how we calculate dispatch dashboard for progress with subs and internal resources


User preference on field control center for grouping cards by job or staggered start time


Issue when clearing or assigning internal resources in place of sub-haulers


Visibility around dispatch notifications sent to subhaulers


Cancelled dispatches not displaying


Quick action icons from the main map

3 years ago

Added equipment to the Battery Status report


Showing notified/acknowledged on dispatch summary


Displaying silo name on eTickets


Dispatcher mobile app fleet list view


Main map load speed


Speed of dispatch screen


Auto-stagger with pulls + breaks


truck position showing on dispatch

We changed our process for tracking/reporting release notes between Nov 2019 and Feb 2021. There were many improvements/enhancements made during this timeframe and they were tracked internally. If you are interested in any release notes during this timeframe, please send a note to

Release 1.0.38 Nov 12, 2019

  • Now available as iPad app to accommodate customer request for iPads mounted in-cab

Release 1.0.37 Oct 31, 2019

  • New timesheet features in response to customer request to collect time & attendance for drivers

Release 1.0.36 Oct 23, 2019

  • Bug fix for an issue that caused the app to crash on certain types of push notifications

Release 1.0.35 Oct 19, 2019

  • Push notifications improvement for more utility/communciation between dispatcher and driver

Release 1.0.34 Oct 10, 2019

  • Show documents to driver on the request details screen
  • Updated styling on certain screens to make sure visual theme is consistent
  • Bug fix causing app to crash when receiving push notifications

Release 1.0.33 Oct 3, 2019

  • Lots of new features for dispatchers in mobile app
    • redesigned dashboard/landing page
    • new live fleet
    • drill down into driver details
  • Foreman section of mobile app now shows driver details as well
  • Overall styling/theme change to make web and mobile app experience more cohesive

Release 1.0.18 Apr 17, 2019

  • Brought back the Start/Stop buttons to make the mobile app more intuitive
  • Introduced features in the mobile app for job foreman
  • Major improvements to the new request screen
    • - more intuitive design
    • - easily add trucking companies from our directory
    • - add a new job right from the request screen
    • - drop a pin on a map for start locations
  • Major improvements to geofence and destination editing
    • - adjust the radius around a single point on a map
    • - draw a polygon around a destination
  • Improved speed of web platform

Release Mar 12, 2019

  • Hotfix to correct tracking issue when app is closed (Android-only issue)

Release Feb 22, 2019

  • New slim route card design.
  • Added optional Track shop levitra Now feature to start tracking without any routes assigned.
  • Implemented geofence notifications from the device to increase the accuracy.
  • Added logic to stop tracking on devices when the route has expired.
  • Fixed a bug that caused app crash diet with levitra when opening push notifications.
  • Displaying your DriverTag on the main page and added the ability to change it.
  • Invite drivers via text with link to download app
  • Enter an address to identify the nearest driver

Release Nov 22, 2018

  • Main map view improvements
    • Toggle map marker visibility
    • Drill-down into job to view tabular driver data (speed, heading, etc...)
    • Filter/search/sort driver details
    • Collapsible panels allow for better use of screen real estate
  • Mobile app push notifications backend work
    • Keep an eye out for next release where we start sending push notifications to drivers
  • Mobile app menu/navigation improvements
  • Fixed bug in website when entering a custom Driver Tag longer than 50 characters
  • Fixed bug that was allowing multiple jobs to have the same Job Number
  • Cleaned up the Driver List page to make the driver's name more prominent than the custom tags

Release 0.2.1829 oct 5, 2018

  • Removed background processing activities to reduce battery use
  • Reconfigured background tracking logic to be more intelligent
    • Motion sensor checking
    • Distance-based tracking instead of interval-based
    • Proactive permission checking for Location Services
    • Many more improvements...
  • Additional diagnostics
    • Setup log analytics service
    • Additional data points captured (battery level, sensor details, motion activity, etc...)
    • Ability to view errors before our customers even know about them
  • Fixed bug in website related to Driver maintenance
  • Fixed bug where driver would continue to show last location on a map after clicking STOP in the app
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from deleting Jobs

Release 0.2.1826 aug 1, 2018

  • Reduced frequency of background processing activities to address reports of high battery use
  • Refactored header color change logic when toggling environments
  • Add "pull to refresh" gesture on routes view to help check for new routes
  • Make job address open in map from mobile app just like the start location
  • Finished billing logic to produce invoices
  • Fixed background tracking issue for Android
  • Fixed issue with Dispatch map view on mobile app

Release 0.2.1824 jul 5, 2018

  • Limited release of Dispatcher functionality in mobile app
    • list of jobs and drivers
    • map view of drivers
  • Added ability to toggle environments in mobile app
  • Improved the admin backend to help us better support our customers
  • Refactored address logic for mobile app to support easier re-use
  • Fixed app crash issue when Starting Destination did not have a location
  • Fixed issue when attempting to log into app with no internet connection
  • Modified the Event Details report to:
    • better display the Stop Tracking event
    • show the actual date tracking if it differs from the Request Date

Release 0.2.1819 may 13, 2018

  • Require a destination to have an address to avoid errors
  • Added new Event Details report
  • Configured the BlackTop favicon for browsers

Release 0.2.1816 may 6, 2018

  • Display phone number on settings page of app so you can see the number you logged in with
  • Mobile app improved font stacking for accessibility settings with large font
  • Display app version in the footer of the settings page
  • Enabled the Environment toggle for the dev team to troubleshoot/test
  • Enforcing a unique driver phone number to avoid issues with duplicate numbers
  • Wired up Geofence events in the background to support tracking when drivers enter/exit certain areas

Release 0.2.1814 apr 9, 2018

  • Show destinations on map even when no jobs are scheduled
  • Remove modal warning when connection is not available

Release 0.2.1813 apr 2, 2018

  • Showing Satellite/Hybrid map options
  • Merging stand-alone BlackTop site into our main
  • Showing data on Job Summary report in real-time
  • Connecting the LogOff button to API to support post logout cleanup
  • Remove beta restrictions in preparation for launch
  • Add Driver Tag for tracking additional info (CB Handle, Truck #, etc...)
  • Show either the destination or the job on the app instead of defaulting to the job address
  • Adding Driver Request Notes

Release 0.2.1812 mar 26, 2018

  • Making edit/remove icons consistent across all admin screens
  • Added self-service profile management screen for changing password and updating first and last name
  • Reworked the layout of the admin job list screen

Release 0.2.1811 mar 19, 2018

  • Redesigning the Driver Request form to:
    • Display job site address
    • Pick job by job number
  • Split api out of main web code and configured AWS environments for API
  • Fix display issue of arrival time on mobile app
  • Adding additional API functionality for improved mobile app experience
  • Fix issue on map where incorrect data would occasionally display on driver info window
  • Optimized mobile app to reduce battery consumption and amount of data transferred
  • Updated Job Summary Report for Trucking Providers
  • UX Improvement to allow scrolling on mobile app
  • Reduced the size of the icons on the map
  • Added number of assigned drivers on request queue
  • Add notes for the drivers to see special instructions
  • Making edit/remove icons consistent across all admin screens
  • Added self-service profile management screen for changing password and updating first and last name
  • Reworked the layout of the admin job list screen

Release 0.2.189 mar 5, 2018

  • New directory allows you to select your suppliers
  • Including jobs in the Job Summary Report filter for suppliers
  • Restricting driver request for to only 1 job at a time
  • Adding validation for the arrival time to ensure it's not in the past
  • Ensuring the driver assignment operation has completed prior to redirecting
  • Adding Job Number to website and displaying on mobile app
  • New Store and Forward Feature
    • Mobile app will still capture position info when out of range from a cell tower
    • When the app connects to a network again (cell or WiFi), it will transmit the previous data
  • Display issue on mobile app with long job name
  • Configured site to use SSL certificate
  • UX improvement on client/jobs screens
  • Validation to prevent start time in the past
  • Restricted the driver request screen to a single job per request
  • Improved the driver assignment functionality to save as a batch

Release 0.2.186 feb 12, 2018

  • Displaying paver on map as well as dump trucks
  • Display Job Name instead of Job Id on mobile app
  • Corrected a few issues on User management screen

Release 0.2.185 feb 5, 2018

  • Make job address required
  • New option to opt out of storing speed (MPH) on tracking data
  • Set minimum zoom level on map initial load so it doesn't zoom so closely
  • Fix bug that was causing map to center incorrectly under certain circumstances
  • New Idle Event Feature
    • Configure speed and time duration that qualifies as an idle event
    • Display idle info on Job Summary Report
    • Highlight drivers on map when they are considered idle

Release 0.2.184 jan 29, 2018

  • New Cancel Driver Request option
  • Fix bug for displaying Requestor or Supplier name correctly in context
  • Improve usability on request/queue pages with back button navigation
  • Fix bug for incoming request count indicator not working on main menu
  • Fix bug that redirected to incorrect page when rejecting a request
  • Add support link to mobile app
  • Prevent negative numbers on driver request form
  • Improved sign-up experience for new customers
  • New settings page to control company settings such as notification list for new requests
  • Fixed issue where map would show job location incorrectly

Release 0.2.183 jan 22, 2018

  • Fix bug that kept dispatch users from accessing Admin menu
  • Fix bug for incorrect arrival time displaying on mobile app
  • Improve mechanism for recording start/stop tracking events
  • Store and Forward functionality

Release 0.2.1812 jan 15, 2018

  • Change mobile app login form
  • Add phone number for driver
  • Fix bug when driver logs in for first time on the app
  • New layout for the main map layout of web app
  • Stop Google Chrome translation message from appearing

Release 0.2.181 jan 8, 2018

  • Add ability to designate a driver as a Paver
  • Change the keyboard to numeric on app login view

Release 0.1.170 dec 31, 2017

  • Redesign route card on mobile app and link to new detail view
  • Merge dispatch and request sections of web app into one consolidated view
  • Fixed bug that prevented breadcrumbs from showing for certain responsive break points
  • Added some database indexes to help query performance
  • Expanded driver request form to support multiple trucking companies
  • Send additional info from app to API for better logging
  • Mobile app responds to API for auto-stop tracking message
  • Pull config settings on regular interval to mobile app
  • Buttons read Back now instead of Cancel to avoid confusion

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