Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services

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When selecting a cloud hosting and web services platform, we had to choose between the 2 dominant players in this space: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. I recognize that this comparison chart comes from Microsoft and may have it’s bias’, but see here for the list of services side-by-side.

Ultimately, neither have serious barriers to entry with many free tiers for the services we require (app, API & database hosting). I had experience using Amazon EC2 instances for previous projects, but took the opportunity to explore the tight coupling between Microsoft Visual Studio and the Azure ecosystem and I’m glad I did.

Meta CT has selected Azure as our hosting provider for now. We’re building most of the app in Microsoft Technologies and using Visual Studio Team Services for both project management and source control. Despite the many integrations that AWS has with Microsoft tools, nothing beats native compatibility in this regard. The CI/CD builds are seamless, the dashboard is impressive and the speed to spin up new services is convenient.

Stay tuned for further updates on this decision.