January 2017 Venture Connectors 5 Minute Presentation

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Venture Connectors - Meta Construction Technologies, LLC - Mobile Tracking and Dispatch Platform - Entrepreneurs and InvestorsMeta Construction Technologies, LLC started off the New Year strong. We gave a 5-minute presentation at the Venture Connectors January luncheon at the Muhammad Ali Center. The Venture Connectors is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization.  It was originally formed in 1995 to bring entrepreneurs and investors together in a professional but relaxed forum.

Business First Article

On Tuesday, January 3, Louisville Business First published an article about our start-up’s progress. We met Bridgett Weaver at the December Venture Connectors meeting and discussed the possibility of her writing an article for us. Despite the busy holiday schedule, she managed to complete the article and publish it the day before our demo/pitch as promised. The timing could not have been more perfect…

BlackTop Demo

We had the opportunity to demo our app before the event began. Showing our app in action really helps us explain what BlackTop is and how it helps Asphalt Contractors. Most people recognized us right away from the article. Others mentioned the article after we started to explain our value proposition. The extra credibility was a confidence boost going into the pitch and allowed us to focus mostly on our technology/product during the demo instead of explaining the concept.

Venture Connectors – 5 Minute Presentation

The January meeting drew more than 125 members and guests in the audience. When you eat, sleep and breath your concept, it becomes much easier to stand in front of a crowd and speak about it. Not to mention the opportunity for some extra public speaking practice is always a welcome event., We are accustomed to 10 – 15 minutes pitches. In this case, our slide deck was condensed and some content compressed or altogether removed to stay within our 5-minute limit. Following our presentation, we had several people come up to us to ask questions and learn more about BlackTop. We secured several meetings as a result and it is safe to say the pitch was a success!