Track the trucks you USE, but DON'T OWN!

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Don't settle for software that's "close enough", BlackTop was built to help your paving or trucking businesses operate more efficiently. We listened to our customers and built the best tool for them!

  • Truck Driver Request/Approval

  • Track Sub-contracted Dump Trucks & Equipment

  • Real-time alerts to help you manage your job-site more efficiently

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Dispatch Intelligence

Streamline communications and schedule drivers with ease

Fleet Tracking

Now you can monitor a fleet you don’t own

Real-time Alerts

Be “in the know” when your trucks are running late


Generate work tickets, review previous routes and more

What our users say

Having a dispatch tool that let’s us effortlessly communicate with our customers has allowed us to focus more proactively on our business and less on putting out fires all day.

Materials Transfer Trucking Services

Our onsite foreman can see where all inbound trucks are regardless of who owns them. The ability to make quick decisions and plan accordingly gives a huge competitive advantage and increases our job profitability.

Louisville Paving Site Construction and Paving Services

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